Monthly givers make a big impact

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Monthly givers make a big impact

Monthly giving is one of the best ways to support Faces of Hope. It’s easy to use, life changing for victims of interpersonal violence, and essential to Faces of Hope’s sustainability. Please consider becoming a monthly donor!

It’s easy:

  • Sign-up online.
  • Determine the right contribution for you.
  • A monthly gift is made through your preferred payment method.
  • You can change or cancel the donation at any time.

It’s convenient:

  • Build stability in your personal budget with intentional, regular giving.
  • Faces of Hope will send monthly or annual receipts based on your preferences.

Monthly Giving End the Cycle of Abuse – For Good

Faces of Hope is committed to our clients until they are safe, and monthly donors make that possible. Victims of domestic violence make an average of seven attempts to leave an abuser. The path to safety can be difficult, dangerous and lengthy.

Last winter, Holly came to Faces for the first time. Due to her circumstances she did not find herself in a position to leave her abuser, and she ended her services with Faces of Hope.

Holly returned to Faces after suffering serious physical violence in her relationship. The Faces of Hope staff wrapped around her again with case management, legal support, crisis counseling, medical attention, law enforcement, and other essential resources. This time, Holly became a survivor.

“Holly was in a very vulnerable state. She found an inner strength to work with our team, fighting and fighting, until she was back on her feet,” a case manager explained. “We are so glad she felt safe enough with us to come back for help. We will always be here with open arms.”

Create hope for today, tomorrow, and the future!

Our mission at Faces of Hope iso to reduce victimization through a safety net of crisis services. Monthly giving promises steady income so that Faces of Hope can be here for every victim. When they need our care. With all the resources they need. Through one door. We are creating hope for today, tomorrow, and the future. Will you join us?

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