Faces of Hope Foundation Coming to West Ada

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Bringing Support Services & Resources to a new Meridian Center in October 2023

The Faces of Hope Foundation announced in April that it would be coming to West Ada this Fall with a satellite location offering resources, support, and information to victims of interpersonal violence.


The Faces of Hope Foundation will solely fund the new location. The new Center will offer stabilizing and supportive services such as educational classes, safety planning, counseling, case management, and civil legal support and community resources. Based on available space, we anticipate providing necessities like diapers, hygiene products, and clothing. The satellite location is not a duplication of the Faces of Hope Victim Center’s downtown location. Those looking for forensic exams, medical support, and other partner services will still be directed to come to the downtown location. 


Over half of the clients who visited the downtown Faces of Hope Victim Center in 2022 were from West Ada County. Many of those victims did not return after the first or second visit for follow-up services like crisis counseling and case management; some thought the location was too far to continue services. 


We know that reaching out and asking for help can be traumatic enough by itself. We don’t want traffic, parking, travel time, or time off work to be barriers to community members receiving the help they need to travel down the path to freedom and breaking the cycle of generation domestic violence abuse or healing from the trauma of a sexual assault. 


The hours of the new Center will be the same as the downtown Victim Center; Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. or by appointment. Hours of operation will be clearly marked on the building and signage and materials throughout the Center internally.


All inquiries should be directed to the Foundation’s Executive leadership.