Filling Hope’s Closet

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In just one week in July, 76 unique clients walked through one door and received services at Faces of Hope – with 26 being brand new client intakes (12 in one day). The needs of each client will be different, and the number of times they walk through the door will vary. However, time and again – they will be received with compassion and empathy.

Thanks to a recent Sip, Sip Give event hosted by employees of the Ada County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, Faces of Hope volunteer Lynne was able to take a $400 gift card and purchase much-needed items to fill Hope’s Closet. The Closet is actually a beautiful room filled with new clothing, shoes, purses, and personal care items. 

Lynne is a fabulous shopper—she purchased 30 new items and filled the Closet with what was needed for the week. She keeps track and helps fill the gaps weekly, so there is always a selection of new dress attire, comfy clothing, athletic wear, undergarments, shoes, purses, and business wear for women and men. Last week alone, five individual clients shopped in the Closet.

Hope’s Closet fills the need, whether following a forensic exam or weeks after someone flees a dangerous situation and needs clothing to attend court, a job interview, or a suitcase. Dedicated volunteers, like Lynne, give time weekly to take inventory and ensure the Closet is stocked to meet almost any need with new clothing and personal care items.

We are so grateful for the time, dedication, and shopping talent of our volunteers like Lynne—who ensure we are the best stewards of donor dollars that allow us to provide for our clients.

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