HDR Provides $5,000 of Support to Faces of Hope 

Access to basic hygiene supplies like soap, toothpaste, menstrual products, and deodorant helps survivors feel clean and cared for during a challenging time, promoting both physical and mental health. These items can also restore a sense of normalcy and self-worth, empowering survivors to take the first steps toward rebuilding their lives. In emergency situations, such as when fleeing abusive environments, having immediate access to hygiene products can significantly alleviate stress, especially for those with children, and improve the quality of life of those in crisis. 

Filling Hope’s Closet

In just one week in July, 76 unique clients walked through one door and received services at Faces of Hope – with 26 being brand new client intakes (12 in one day). The needs of each client will be different, and the number of times they walk through the door will vary. However, time and […]

Monthly givers make a big impact

Monthly givers make a big impact Monthly giving is one of the best ways to support Faces of Hope. It’s easy to use, life changing for victims of interpersonal violence, and essential to Faces of Hope’s sustainability. Please consider becoming a monthly donor! It’s easy: Sign-up online. Determine the right contribution for you. A monthly […]

What can $50 do?

What can $50 do? $50 pays for a lock change or door repair so victims can feel safe in their own homes. $50 provides a gas card for a victim to travel to and from Faces of Hope for vital services. $50 allows a victim to sit down with one of our trained Advocates to create a safety plan specific to […]